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IION’s Skills Development Placement Program (SDPP) accelerates company growth projects by providing for-profit innovative companies with a competitive wage subsidy of $7,800 ($13/hour) to hire an individual full-time (37.5 hours/week) over a 16-week period.

Throughout the placement, participants (employees) will participate in 4 mandatory virtual workshops and a 3-day mandatory in-person retreat (accommodations and meals provided) that will bolster their personal and professional development.

There are 3 components that participants must complete:

  • Placement with an innovative company to work on identified company project(s)
  • 4 virtual soft skills/professional development workshops
  • 3-day in-person retreat (accommodations and meals provided)

When does SDPP occur?
Monday, May 6th – Friday, August 23rd 2024

When is the deadline to apply?
The deadline for both companies and participants to apply is April 12th, 2024. Companies must have a participant (employee) candidate by this date to move onto the selection committee.

Is my business eligible?

  • Must be a for-profit entity located in the districts of Nipissing, Timiskaming, Parry Sound or Muskoka.
  • Must be an innovative company that is creating economic value and growth through new or significantly improved products, processes, or services. SDPP is not applicable to businesses operating as distributors, resellers, or wholesalers.
  • This is a competitive program. All company & participant applications are subject to a competitive review process.

How many participants can be hired by a company? 

  • Each company applicant can hire one individual through this funding. The individual must be a NEW hire, not previously having worked for the company.

Does the company have to find a participant for the position?

  • Yes, it is the responsibility of the company to find a participant match by the application deadline. IION can aid in the promotion of the position.
  • Participants cannot be related to the directors, officers, or managers of the organization.
  • Participants cannot have participated in the prior IION YEPP, EDP or SDPP programs.

What are the eligibility requirements for participants?

  • Participants must be over the age of 18.
  • There are no schooling restrictions- they do not need to be a recent graduate or returning to school to participate.
  • All participants must be legally entitled to work in Canada, have an interest in innovation and growing personally and professionally.
  • Participants must agree to complete the paid 16-week placement and participate in the 4 mandatory virtual professional development workshops and the 3-day mandatory retreat.
  • Participants must be located within the districts of Nipissing, Timiskaming, Parry Sound or Muskoka.

What hours are the participants expected to work?

  • The participants are expected to be full-time T4 employees of the company, working at a minimum of 37.5 hours a week for 16-weeks.

What is a match?

  • A company and participant pair are considered a match once both company and participant applications are received by IION. Matches must be made before the April 12th deadline to be considered by the selection committee.

When are the mandatory virtual workshops?

  • There are 4 mandatory virtual professional development workshops in which the participant must participate. These will be done virtually through the Zoom platform.
  • The dates are Monday May 6th (8:30am-12:30pm), Thursday June 6th (8:30am-11am), Thursday June 13th (8:30am-11am), Friday August 23rd (8:30am-11am)

When and where is the mandatory 3-day retreat?

  • July 8th, 9th, and 10th at Nipissing University in North Bay. (Residence, greenspace and other facilities)

Are participants required to stay onsite during the 3-day retreat, and what expenses are covered?

  • Yes, participants must stay onsite for the duration of the retreat
  • Single occupancy accommodations are provided by IION at no cost to the company/participant.
  • Meals are provided by IION at no cost to the company/participant
  • It is the responsibility of the Company/participant to arrange travel to North Bay. IION does not cover travel costs.

Does the company pay the participant while they attend the mandatory virtual workshops and 3-day retreat?

  • Yes, the company must treat these activities as paid time at work.

If successful, how does the funding work?

  • Approved companies will receive a wage subsidy of $7,800 ($13/hour for 37.5 hours per week for 16 weeks) to help offset costs of the participant’s wage.
  • The funding is disbursed 50/50. The first payment ($3,900) will be disbursed in the first month of the placement, the second half of the funding ($3,900) being disbursed at the end of the placement when the final reporting documents have been submitted to IION.
  • The company must contribute a minimum of $2,130 ($3.55/hour) from May 8th to August 23rd, 2024, to meet the provincial minimum wage requirements.
  • Over the 16-weeks, the participant must be paid at a minimum of $9,930 (in regular hourly wages). Successful companies must submit pay stubs throughout the program to show proof of payment.
  • The company is responsible for the mandatory employment-related costs (CPP & EI and any other work-related fees, insurance, etc.).

Can this placement count towards a co-op or other post-secondary credits?

  • It is highly recommended that the participant contact their professors about the placement to see if there is a possibility for credits.

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