icSTAMP Program

**Applications are closed. All funding has been allocated for this program.

IION – Canadore Skills Training in Advanced Manufacturing and Production (icSTAMP) is a 25-week paid placement for individuals in trade and engineering related fields, which combines practical experience and soft skills training through educational and experiential learning in an applied research and development environment.

IION provides companies with a competitive wage subsidy of $9,375 to apply to the participant’s wage ($10/hour for 37.5 hour/week for 25-week)

icSTAMP has 3 core components:

1) Research and Development Project: Participants are an employee of an innovative company to work on an identified R&D project(s).

2) Training at Canadore College’s Innovation Centre for Advanced Manufacturing and Production (ICAMP): Participants will receive one on one specialized training on the specific equipment/software that is required to complete the company R&D project. This can include: CAD software, 3D printers, 3D scanners, waterjet cutter, robotics and more. Participants have access to ICAMP equipment and facilities to work on the company project at no cost during training. Companies & participants will schedule the training and time to work on projects requiring ICAMP equipment directly with ICAMP to fit within the project scope and time line. 

4) Personal and Professional Development Workshops: Four workshops on topics such as leadership, teamwork, communication/public speaking, continuous improvement, time management and strategic/critical thinking.

For Companies:

Companies must be registered for-profit companies in the advanced manufacturing sector and are located within one of the following districts: Nipissing, Timiskaming, Parry Sound or Muskoka. Companies must have identified projects for the participant to complete. Emphasis will be placed on applicants who demonstrate the potential to create jobs, increase revenue and grow the economy.

Companies will be required to hire the participant as a full-time t4 employee for the 25-weeks and schedule them to work at minimum 37.5 hours/week. Companies must provide a minimum cash contribution ($4,687.50) towards the participants regular hourly wage ($5/hour for 37.5 hours/week for 25 weeks). The company is also responsible for the CPP/EI employer contributions. Successful applicants will be required to register as an IION client and fill out occasional surveys as a reporting requirement.

To ensure clarity on the program and its qualifying conditions,
please contact Emily Ryan: 705-474-7600 ext. 5660 or [email protected]


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