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SafeSight – new eyes in the underground mines

The day is coming when small, unmanned drones will be able to get into areas of underground mines that were – or are – inaccessible to traditional mining methods. It could be in the ventilation shafts, access shafts, the stopes, drifts or adits, with the drone operators at a safe distance. And, in some cases, […]

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The Sustainable New Agri-Food Products and Productivity (SNAPP) Program is an initiative of the Rural Agri-Innovation Network (RAIN), a division of the Sault Ste Marie Innovation Centre in partnership with the Northern Ontario Farm Innovation Alliance and the Northwestern Ontario Innovation Centre and supports Northern Ontario agriculture and food producers, businesses, collaborations, communities and First Nations to create new products, enhance productivity and adopt clean technology to support improved environmental performance while fostering growth.

Project Activity Streams

Eligible projects may fall under the following streams:

  • New Products – Projects that enable agriculture or food producers to create primary or processed products that are new to the business. Examples of potentially eligible projects include the creation of a new ready-to-eat processed product, or the ability to produce a new farm product. Project equipment may include food or fibre processing equipment or food production equipment.
  • Productivity Enhancement – Projects that utilize innovative technologies or processes to increase efficiencies in their operations and improve processes or products. Project equipment may include greenhouse structures, production equipment, animal tracking (tag reading technology) meat processing equipment, or food packaging equipment.
  • Clean Tech in Agri-Food – Projects that adopt clean technology at the farm/business level and support improved environmental performance while fostering productivity, growth and competitiveness. Eligible projects must improve environmental performance relative to standard/most commonplace technologies. Therefore, energy efficiency, remanufacturing, or productivity improvement initiatives do not necessarily include clean tech adoption/adaptation. Examples of potentially eligible projects include precision agriculture technology for irrigation and fertilization, composting and waste management, controlled environment greenhouse technology and gaining water or energy efficiencies.


Up to $10,000 at 50% cost-share for individual applicants

Up to $25,000 at 50% cost-share for collaborations of 3 or more

INTAKE 1: Will be open from December 9, 2019 to February 28, 2020

For more information visit: http://rainalgoma.ca/snapp/

Muskoka 4.0 is Muskoka Community Futures Development Corporation’s second annual investment contest with the prize of $250,000 in early-stage investment! The objective is to attract businesses that can demonstrate they will have a significant economic impact in Muskoka.

Entries must be submitted by 12:00pm on January 17, 2020 through Muskoka Future’s web-based Muskoka 4.0 entry form. See Entry Guidelines for details on how to prepare your entry.

For more information visit: https://muskoka4point0.ca


On August 22, 2019, the CanExport funding program undertook two significant updates that impacted how the program operated and the value it provided to Canadian exporters. The first and most notable update was to the program’s contribution amount, while the second focused on company eligibility. Previously, agriculture and agri-food companies were unable to apply; these types of applicants are now encouraged to submit funding applications.

Applicants are now able to access up to 75% of eligible expenses to a maximum $75,000. These had previously been set for 50%/$50,000.

What Are CanExport and AgriMarketing Grants?

CanExport is a Canadian government grant that offsets the cost of export marketing projects, such as participation in trade shows or missions. Provided federally, businesses and organizations across Canada can apply for this funding to expand export marketing budgets and get more value out of export expansion projects.

AgriMarketing is a now-closed Canadian government funding program that provided funding for many of the same projects and activities supported through CanExport. The biggest difference between the two programs was that AgriMarketing only supported agricultural producers and agri-food processors whereas CanExport supported all other applicant types.

How Did these Export Marketing Grants Change?

Changes rolled-out to both the CanExport and AgriMarketing funding programs had a direct impact on the way funds are administered:

  1. Contribution Increase: CanExport and AgriMarketing grants have historically provided up to 50% of eligible project expenses to a maximum $50,000 per application. As of August 22, 2019, CanExport’s new funding contribution amount increased to 75% of eligible project expenses to a maximum $75,000 per application. This is a significant increase that greatly reduces a business’ export marketing costs.
  2. Program Realignment: Now closed, AgriMarketing will no longer process new applications. All applicants, even agricultural producers and processors, are encouraged to use the CanExport program for all new applications. CanExport’s expanded eligibility criteria supports previously ineligible companies, so long as your marketing activities and target market are eligible for funding.

How Can Businesses Apply for CanExport Funding?

To apply for CanExport marketing grants, businesses must complete a comprehensive application that includes a detailed plan for expanding sales in global markets. Applicants need to show the value of the project (new leads or revenue), a detailed breakdown of project expenses, and explain why the new market is of strategic importance. Businesses must receive application approval prior to incurring funding-eligible expenses.

To discuss your upcoming project and discuss if it’s a good fit for Canadian export marketing grants, please contact Mentor Works.

Featured Article

Jayne’s Cottages: winner of the Start-Up Award at the 2019 RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Awards!

Congratulations Jayne!

Jayne’s Cottages is the brain child of Jayne McCaw — a long-time cottager who felt more people would enjoy a summer getaway to Muskoka if only cottage rentals were done differently. She built her idea — to help visitors with their Muskoka vacations — into a thriving business in under 5 years.

Jayne McCaw, founder of Jayne’s Cottages and winner of the Start-Up Award at the 2019 RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Awards (CWEA), shares how she built her business through trust, service, and minimal investment. A network of over 200 luxury rental cottages, Jayne’s Cottages offers a win-win scenario for cottage owners and vacationers alike, thanks to a focus on end-to-end service, prioritization of owner satisfaction and always-on support for every detail.


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