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You don’t need more than an idea, but you do need to be serious, ready to do your homework and be an active contributor to the innovation ecosystem! IION welcomes for-profit entrepreneurs and companies at different stages of the innovation process from idea to commercialization and scale. IION‘s objective is to understand your business and goals to determine fit, viability and eligibility for resources. IION advisory services and resources are free to clients, however, funding programs are subject to a monetary contribution from companies.

Here is how our process works:

  1. Check
    Using the “Is your business innovative” checklist below, please determine if your business is a fit with IION’s innovation mandate
  2. Complete the meeting request form
    Tell us about your business or idea by completing the meeting request form below
  3. Engage
    Meet our team in person or virtually to discuss your business and projects in further detail to determine
    eligibility and discuss the programs and resources that are available to you
  4. Grow
    Keep IION updated on your projects & we’ll help navigate opportunities

Is your business innovative?

Request a meeting:

Let’s get started! If you have an innovative idea or business and would like to chat about it, please fill out the form below and someone will contact you. The information you share will remain confidential. It is at the discretion of Innovation Initiatives Ontario North to commence work or discontinue services with a Client after the initial contact. Notice is not required.

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