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Funded by FedNor and Ontario Trillium Foundation, IION’s Entrepreneurship Development Program (EDP) (formally known as the Youth Entrepreneurship Placement Program) is a 16-week paid placement involving experiential and educational learning for high potential participants interested in innovation and entrepreneurship.

There will be two cohorts per year (one starting Monday, May 6th and the second starting Monday, September 2nd)

IION-EDP provides for-profit innovative companies with a competitive wage subsidy of $7,200 to apply to the participant’s wage ($12/hour for 37.5/hours/week) nurturing and building the participant’s entrepreneurial capacity while increasing the SME’s ability to innovative and commercialize.

There are 3-core components to this program that participant must complete:

1) Hands on learning: Participants are matched with an innovative company
2) Educational learning: Guided & structured entrepreneurial educational program
3) Experiential learning: 5-days of off-site personal and professional development activities

When does EDP occur?
EDP will have two cohorts a year
Cohort One: Monday, May 6th – Friday, August 23rd, 2019
Cohort Two: Monday, September 2nd – Friday December 20, 2019 *September 2 (Labour Day) will be considered a paid day.


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