The health and safety of staff, partners and the public are our top priority. Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, and out of an abundance of caution, we are taking all necessary precautions to “flatten the curve” which has resulted in the following:

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Near North Mitigation Alliance (NNMA)

The purpose of the Near North Mitigation Alliance is to collectively reduce the impact of COVID-19 through a broad range of mitigation efforts, to share and communicate local companies and organizations efforts, products and services offered, evolving issues and success stories in dealing with COVID 19, including best practices and new knowledge, and share and find solutions to barriers and problems, all with the goal of gradually reopening and expanding businesses safely.

In order to have your company listed, please complete the NNMA survey link HERE.


Company name: ProtectON

North Bay manufacturer answers the call for face shields. 

Contact Information:

Description of the Project: Reusable Protective Face Shields. The face shields are durable and reusable, designed, tested and produced in Canada. This is a partnership between North Bay Plastics, Canadore College ICAMP & Javelin.


Company name: Bella Vita North Bay Inc.

Contact name: Alexander Knecht

Phone number: 705-707-1622

Email: [email protected]

Description of product: Knight Shield (PDF link)


How the product offered for purchase?: Email

How is the product delivered to the consumer?: Curbside pickup or delivered to customer


Company name: Motion Industries (Canada) Inc. 

Contact name: Bill Dubois

Phone number: 705-476-3109

Email: [email protected]

Description of product: All personal protection product used in industry (Open PDF)

How the product offered for purchase?: Email, Phone, Fax (705 476 3064)

How is the product delivered to the consumer?: Curbside pickup or delivered to customer via local couriers 

Company name: Axiom Audio

Contact name: Ian Colquhoun

Phone number: 888-352-9466

Email: [email protected]


Description of product: PAPR Machine (Powered Air Purifying Respirator)

How the product offered for purchase?: Email, Phone, Website

How is the product delivered to the consumer?: FedEx – delivery cost included in price

Company name: The Original Bug Shirt Company

Contact name: Julie Gohm

Phone number: 705-724-2090

Email: [email protected]


Description of product: Face mask with 2 layers. The outer layer is 100% polyester, the inner layer is 100% cotton. There is a pocket in between to add a filter is desired. Please see website for more information on our fabric. 

How the product offered for purchase?: Website, phone or email 

How is the product delivered to the consumer?: Curbside pickup, storefront or delivered to customer



Company name: On Duty Equipment Ltd. 

Contact name: Roger Rondeau

Phone number: 705-648-0986

Email: [email protected]


Description of product: Washable, reusable organic fabric face mask. 

How the product offered for purchase?: Website, phone or email 

How is the product delivered to the consumer?: Delivered to customer by mail or by delivery (local delivery only)

Company name: Pure North Medical 

Contact name: Mike Harrison

Phone number: 705-491-7022

Email: [email protected]

Description of product: Hand sanitizer that is Health Canada Approved. Bilingual Labels, Low Odour & Soft on Hands. Distribution available in Ontario & Quebec.

How the product offered for purchase?: Email or phone 

How is the product delivered to the consumer?: Curbside pickup, delivered to customer. 

Company name: Muskoka Brewery

Contact name: Todd Lewin

Phone number: 647-209-1401

Email: [email protected]


Description of product: It is a W.H.O. recommended liquid hand sanitizer and has been approved by Health Canada for sale

Please note that this product is not currently, nor will it be, available for purchase by the public



Company name: Northland Air Care

Contact name: Jesse Ethier

Phone number: 705-474-4949

Email: [email protected]

Description of product: zytec 100ml BOV Hand Sanitizer Gel

Please note that this product is not currently, nor will it be, available for purchase by the public

Company name: Three H Furniture Systems Ltd.

Contact name: Patricia Willard-Inglis

Phone number: 705-647-4323

Email: [email protected]


Description of product: Hospital beds and privacy screens (sneeze guards) (PDF Link)

How the product offered for purchase?: Email 

How is the product delivered to the consumer?: Curbside pickup, delivered to customer through company logistics. 


Company name: Nor Environmental International Inc. 

Contact name: Louis Brown

Phone number: 705-497-0357

Email: [email protected]


Description of product: Large scale centralized Hydrogen Peroxide decontamination of PPE and sensitive equipment. 

This service is not available to the public.


Company name: MetricAid

Contact name: Lora Webb

Phone number: 905-252-0260

Email: [email protected]


Description of product: MetricAid delivers a full-service scheduling solution for physicians throughout the country. We specialize in physician self-scheduling, staffing emergency departments, and ensuring that the physician supply meets patient demand. We are currently working with our clients throughout Ontario and Canada to plan their surge clinics, added on-call shifts and increased need. We are currently working with, innovating for, and onboarding several organizations like OntarioMD and OTN in Ontario and other provinces, as they mobilize hundreds of physicians to directly support our communities through the pandemic. Our healthcare providers and administrators are overburdened at the moment and we have the capacity to help alleviate this, allowing them to concentrate on managing the outbreak and their staff. Our technology is cloud-based and does not require any hospital IT support, it is intuitive for users and offers a robust reporting suite for hospital administrators to manage their resources during this crisis. If hospitals or healthcare organizations are struggling with how to manage their schedules we can help. Not only can we advise on the most efficient way to structure surge clinics or added on-call shifts, but we can also create schedule templates, build schedules and help to manage resources through our online portal. Because our system includes physician availability preferences, we are ideally positioned to help departments and clinics replace staff when illness occurs or add staff when unexpected patient surges occur. We can also help regions with the reallocation of resources, from site to site, when needed. Our goal has always been to improve timely access to care and to reduce both patient wait times and workforce burnout. Our staff, from the top down, are experts in this field and want to do what we can to provide support and minimize physician burnout through this challenging time. MetricAid has been supporting emergency departments and urgent care clinics throughout Canada since 2012. We also have clients in the UK and the US. We have a tested and respected product and an unmatched understanding of the unique needs of emergency medicine. We are onboarding clients quickly and efficiently and our service department is available to provide support through this health crisis.

This service is not available to the public.

Support for Businesses

Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy (CEWS) : Employers who have seen drop in revenue may be eligible for a subsidy to cover part of your employee wages, retroactive to March 15, 2020.

Muskoka Business Recovery Fund 
Financing of up to $40,000

NECO: Emergency Loan Program
Financing of up to $25,000

NECO: Post COVID-19 Professional Services Relief
Up to $5,000 to assist in receiving services for business development/planning, consultations, financial processing, and training.

Regional Relief and Recovery Fund (RRRF) Repayable & conditionally repayable contributions, up to a maximum of $250,000 for a six month period.

CanExport Funding During COVID-19 Up to 75% of costs associated with export marketing projects to a maximum $75,000


Canada’s Economic Response Plan 

Ontario Provincial Support

Ontario-Canada Emergency Commercial Rent Assistance Program

Canada Emergency Business Account

OCE Collaboration Platform

The Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) 

Export Development Canada (EDC)

Trade Commissioner Service & International Trade

COVID-19 Medical

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COVID-19 and Renin Angiotensin Blockers: Current Evidence and Recommendations

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Epidemiology and transmission of COVID-19 in 391 cases and 1286 of their close contacts in Shenzhen, China: a retrospective cohort study

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NIH Clinical Trial Shows Remdesivir Accelerates Recovery from Advanced COVID-19

Remdesivir in adults with severe COVID-19: a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled, multicentre trial

Large-Vessel Stroke as a Presenting Feature of Covid-19 in the Young

An outbreak of severe Kawasaki-like disease at the Italian epicentre of the SARS-CoV-2 epidemic: an observational cohort study

Kawasaki-like disease: emerging complication during the COVID-19 pandemic

Guidance: Paediatric multisystem inflammatory syndrome temporally associated with COVID-19

Performance of the rapid Nucleic Acid Amplification by Abbott ID NOW COVID-19

Variation in False-Negative Rate of Reverse Transcriptase Polymerase Chain Reaction–Based SARS-CoV-2 Tests by Time Since Exposure

Transmission of SARS-CoV-2 in Domestic Cats

Classification of the cutaneous manifestations of COVID-19: a rapid prospective nationwide consensus study in Spain with 375 cases

Outbreak of Kawasaki disease in children during COVID-19 pandemic: a prospective observational study in Paris, France

Early Safety Indicators of COVID-19 Convalescent Plasma in 5,000 Patients

Infection of dogs with SARS-CoV-2

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Severe Covid-19

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Respiratory Parameters in Patients With COVID-19 After Using Noninvasive Ventilation in the Prone Position Outside the Intensive Care Unit

Acute Lung Injury (ALI) and Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS)

SARS-CoV-2 Rates in BCG-Vaccinated and Unvaccinated Young Adults

COVID-19 and mRNA Vaccines—First Large Test for a New Approach

COVID-19 Articles

Corona Korea


From the Land of Morning Calm, military readiness, Samsung, K pop, astonishingly proficient female professional golfers, and kimchi. Now add one more element to the Korean brand: wrestling down COVID-19 . Referring to one day, April 15, South Korea is reporting only 27 new cases of Covid-19 and 5 new deaths (cumulative deaths stand at 225 and 75% of all cases are now classified as recovered). Nothing about Covid-19 is good.  But South Korea’s relative success in ratcheting the virus downward is worthy of careful analysis. Still, there is no sense of relaxation on the streets of Seoul.

We can see clearly what they did. Why they did it and how they did it though, is the more interesting and revealing story. Foresight, planning, tenacity, ongoing vigilance, and stubborn grit come to mind.

By their own admission South Korean public health officials openly admit they were not properly prepared for the past SARS and MERS outbreaks. Refreshing. So back to the drawing boards they went.

As expected, public health policies in South Korea are led, but maybe unexpectedly, not dominated by public health experts. Medical specialists, clinicians, researchers, the business sector including pharma, biotechnology, diagnostics, reagents sectors, and the manufacturers of health PPE are required to be at the strategy table. The intelligence community is also an important participant. Finally, higher level national government representatives ensure that the over-riding societal concerns for economic stability and the safety of the population are tantamount. This formula may sound complex but the Koreans highly value consensus and they know how to work quickly. Political ideology and political correctness are not at the table. It is their view that policy without the practical means to achieve it means inevitable failure.

Somehow, the South Koreans knew that something dangerous was going on in Wuhan, China, in late November. Somehow, they had possession of viral samples in December. Somehow, they had the first made in Korea diagnostic tests available mid-January. Somehow, currently they are also exporting diagnostic tests to over 40 countries. Somehow, they completed an emergency pandemic response exercise, already in December 2019.

Somehow, when the pandemic hit the city of Daegu (the sources of 60% of all infections), the Koreans were ready with their made in Korea solutions, made possible by a comprehensive industrial ecosystem able to deliver high quality necessary products and services quickly on a domestic basis.

South Korea has the fastest internet connections in the world and already has very substantial 5G coverage (three different networks switched on in the first quarter of 2019). With a current population of 51 million South Korea also has a strong domestic capability of private healthcare companies (see above) to deliver scalable production and services in any national emergency. This includes vaccine production and active pharmaceutical ingredients. MADE IN KOREA SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT, eh!

The common denominator is that multiple industry sectors were able to align and mobilize together for the common good.

South Korea’s overall response can be characterized as reflecting the capacity to unfurl a broad and comprehensive suite of mitigation components and solutions, all MADE IN KOREA and with superior performance. This includes strict border restrictions and scrutiny of arrivals, extremely aggressive and accurate testing (antigen and antibody), highly sophisticated and perhaps invasive tracking (preemptive legislation was in place to neutralize privacy concerns), isolation, quarantining, and social distancing, disinfection, early treatment, rapid roll out of clinical trials in therapeutics,  adequate PPE for all medical and front line responders and having 100% of the population masked in public. The Korean population places a high value on masks and each citizen is provided with a minimum of two KF94 (providing a balance of comfort and protective capability) or similar masks (KF80) on a weekly basis. This means production capacity of 100 million masks weekly just for this purpose! Rather than offering a “false sense of security” they consider this another essential tool in fighting the corona virus infections and acts to reinforce their vigilance and determination to fight Covid-19.

Government communication to the public is clear, transparent, and unequivocal concerning the measures that have been taken. There are no confusing, oscillating, evolving advisories.  Consequently, there is extremely high public approval ratings for the government’s manner of handling the pandemic. Interestingly, the workings of the WHO, however, are not held with the same degree of high esteem, who they consider to be a rather bloated organization, slow and often wrong.

The health care system in South Korea is not overwhelmed. Most people are still working. There is and has been no panic buying. There is seriousness, but also a sense of optimism that the measures taken are working.  While there is a business slow down and the economy has been damaged, South Korea is positioned to recover quickly.

Robert Deline
Executive Director, Innovation Initiatives Ontario North/Health Care Investment Analyst

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