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DGRP (Dillon Guido Recreational Product) is the manufacturer of the Rollable Easy Load Ramp for ATVs and sleds.

The ramp features a winch point to alleviate the stress some riders have when it comes to riding their ATV up a ramp and into their truck. With this product, you can slowly, and safely, winch your ATV up to the top of the ramp. This means no chance of tire spin or rolling backwards.

“Not all of us have the luxury of owning a trailer to tow an ATV or Snowmobile and getting your ATV or Snowmobile from one location to another can be an issue at times. DGRP has come up with a Rollable Easy Load Ramp that you can use to place your ATV or Snowmobile into the bed of your truck. You drive your ATV or Snowmobile onto the ramp and with the ball bearing 6” CASTER wheel rollers underneath, you pick up the back and push it into the bed with a teeter-totter weight distribution towards the front of the ramp that you can easily pick up from the back. You can do this by hand for your Snowmobile or with the bolt on removable winch bracket we provide for your ATV. This is a high-grade aluminum ramp that is easy to maneuver and has super-glide super-pro2 sliders. Take your ATV or Snowmobile where ever and whenever with ease!
Please visit on Facebook for videos in action! Locally manufactured here proudly in Ontario, Canada.” Dillon Guido, Owner-Operator

This ramp is completely non-mountable, in and out of the box within seconds weighing in at only 70lbs and engineered and stamped off for 1000lbs!
4×10 aluminum construction that works for sleds and ATVs. DGRP is also set up with customs/shipping for customers in the USA.


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Clausehound – legal documents library

Looking for legal documents for your business?

IION has recently partnered with Clausehound to provide legal resources to support the success of clients!

Clausehound.com is a legal tool geared towards entrepreneurs, early-stage businesses and small medium sized businesses alike to help draft legal documents when they are at stages of development that make it cost-prohibitive to hire a lawyer.

The Clausehound Small Business Law Library hosts over 150 legal contracts, as well as tens of thousands of legal clauses, articles, and lawyer commentary that will help you learn the fundamentals of legal drafting.

Through our partnership with Clausehound, IION has complete access to the legal Library, as well as the ability to download documents. If ever you are in need of specific legal documents, or looking to craft a document for your business, please reach out to us!  

 Feel free to check things out for yourself, and sign up for a FREE account at: www.clausehound.com

DISCOVER: Browse the document Library; uniquely augmented with knowledge to improve the ability of entrepreneurs to understand their own legal needs and agreement drafting
LEARN: Agreement explanations, insights, and learning points available at the touch of a button
DRAFT: No more drafting from scratch. Download a document and edit it directly to fit your specific business needs
SAVE: Save time and cut costs by better preparing yourself for a meeting with legal counsel


Better learning, better insights, better actions

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Rynz Innovative – Recipient of 2017 IION Innovation Award!

Rynz Innovative is located in Seguin, ON at the Airport Industrial Park and is is operating as an innovative full-service company where they focus on providing clients with a “turn-key solution” for their projects. Rynz Innovative works with companies from concept to completion; CAD design, 250-ton injection mold press through to commercial production.

Rynz Innovative Tooling has been in operation since 2008 and started out as a home based business. During this time, Rayner Haupt, the president of Rynz Innovative Tooling also spent six years teaching hundreds of students the trade of mold making at Georgian College. The business has had to adapt to the changing economy and the business plan has changed significantly since 2008. Rayner now works full time putting everything he has into the business.

Rayner believes in putting the customer first and is constantly looking for ways to innovate within the company to improve his efficiencies. He is continuously investing in new equipment to fit his customers’ needs and automating his existing equipment to allow for faster production to keep up with increasing demand.

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