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  • Did you invent a new product?
  • Did you modify and improve a product?
  • Did you create a process to make something in a faster, more efficient way?
  • Did you modify and improve a process?
  • Did you create a new service?
  • Did you adapt technology to modify an existing service?

Still not sure?

Want to run your idea by us?

IION welcomes entrepreneurs and companies at different stages of the innovation process from idea to commercialization and scale. In an initial meeting, IION‘s goal is to determine fit, viability and potential eligibility for resources.

Fit – Is it innovative?

Please see the “Not sure if your company or idea is the right fit?” tab

Viability – 9 questions to determine if you have a value-creating product, process or service

  1. Describe the problem you address and how you will solve it?
  2. What is your competitive and sustainable advantage?
  3. What is the size of your addressable market and the nature of the market?
  4. Who are your customers and how will you engage them?
  5. Describe your key competitors.
  6. Are there technological, regulatory or market barriers to entry?
  7. What resources do you have and what do you need now to start?
  8. Can you make money?
  9. Can you scale your business and what resources might you need?

**A good business plan should clearly show why the business will succeed and should be worthy of investment. But remember, the business plan is a snapshot frozen in time and you should also have processes in place to adapt to changing conditions or “pivot” your business if necessary.

Eligibility for Resources

If your company or idea is a fit and is viable, there may be opportunities that exist for funding. After the initial meeting, IION team members will discuss the goals and objectives the potential client has listed as their next steps, identify any possible means of support in a follow-up email and wait for a decision from the potential client.

Let’s get started!

You don’t need more than an idea, but you do need to be serious, ready to do your homework and be an active contributor to the innovation ecosystem!

IION‘s advisory services and resources are free to clients, however, funding programs are subject to a monetary contribution from companies.

All clients will be required to provide feedback in the form of surveys when requested. This requirement must be completed to continue receiving IION support.

When you meet our team in person or virtually, we discuss your business and project in further detail as well as program resources and services available to you. To remain eligible and engaged with IION, we expect you to complete an annual survey. Your information remains confidential and provides IION with the information we need to keep and grow funding opportunities.


It is at the discretion of Innovation Initiatives Ontario North to commence work or discontinue services with a Client after the initial contact. Notice is not required.

Filling out this document helps us identify the right services, programs, and resources to help you. Information shared remains confidential.

Innovation is defined a new or refreshed product, process or service commercialized for economic value. What does your company innovate?


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