Youth Entrepreneurship Placement Program

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Application deadline: March 31, 2017

Company/Business/SME application: APPLY HERE!

Youth Participant application: APPLY HERE!


Funded by FedNor and Ontario Trillium Foundation, IION’s Youth Entrepreneurship Placement Program (YEPP) is a paid placement involving experiential and educational learning for high potential youth (18-29) interested in innovation and entrepreneurship. There are 3-core components to this program:

1) Hands on learning: Youth are matched with an innovative company to work for 16-weeks
2) Educational learning: 16-week guided & structured online entrepreneurial educational program
3) Experiential learning: 5-days of off-site inspirational personal and professional development activities.

IION-YEPP will provide for-profit Small to Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) that also embody the entrepreneurial innovative spirit, $7100 in funding to hire qualified workers for 16-weeks (May-August 2017) nurturing and building youth entrepreneurial capacity while increasing the SMEs ability to innovate and commercialize.



I am a business owner, is my business eligible?

*Your business must be a for-profit entity located in one of the following districts: Nipissing, Timiskaming, Parry Sound or Muskoka.
*The IION-YEPP is targeted towards innovative companies who are willing to work with a youth participant for the 16-week period and help them gain knowledge and experience

Are there costs to the business?
*Your business is responsible for the necessary CPP/EI employer contributions and any additional wages you would like to offer
*SMEs are expected to provide the youth with entrepreneurship mentorship type experiences.

I am a youth, what are the application requirements?
*All youth participants must be between the ages of 18-29 and legally entitled to work in Canada.
*You have the interest of learning about entrepreneurship as a career and have an innovative spirit.
*You must agree to complete the 16-week placement with your matched company and the online educational program
*Participate in 6 mandatory activities (off site from your employer) throughout this time period (Ignition Day, Professional Development Day, 3-day Training Retreat and the Graduation Ceremony)


For more information and to apply please contact the staff at IION by calling 705-474-7600 ext. 5660 or email [email protected]





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Venture Camp 2015 at Spirit Point Lodge – Led by Tony Cox from Leaders of the Day (a part of the IION-YEPP experience)

Thank you to Alex, Josh and Neil from Canadore College’s Digital Cinematography program for their hard work!

2016 – YEPP Participants & Companies receiving their certificates & plaques

Thank you to Canadore College for providing professional photography by Steven Newman.

Thank you to Nipissing University for providing the location.