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Participant Profile

We would recommend 4-5 sentences per answer.

Field of Interest:
Address: *Please note that ALL placements will be located in Northern Ontario


What are your educational and experiential expectations and goals for your entrepreneurial placement experience?
Why are you choosing to apply to this placement/educational experience? Do you have dreams of owning a business?
Describe in detail why you are a good candidate for this program. What skills, capabilities and knowledge do you bring? For example: Accounting software knowledge, Excel software knowledge, CAD skills, mechanical/technical experience...
Briefly describe what innovative ideas/projects you think would contribute to the economic development of Northern Ontario?
If you have a local INNOVATIVE entrepreneur or company, that is a for-profit entity, that you would like to be placed with, please provide their contact information and why you feel they would be the ideal employer for this program:

IION carefully screens applications and tries to match youth with an entrepreneur. To help us find a match for you, please indicate your preferences to the following questions:

The IION region extends from Huntsville to Earlton, from Mattawa to Parry Sound and West Nipissing. Do you have a preference for a specific city, town or area within this region?
Are you willing to relocate/travel to work?
Given that some opportunities might be on the outskirts of a city and not within distance of public transportation, do you have access to a personal mode of transportation?
By checking this box I understand that this is an educational AND experiential experience with a mandatory online entrepreneurship training course, work within an innovative business and offsite experiential learnings in which I must participate. *
I understand that I must get myself either to the offsite activities OR to the rendez-vous point in North Bay. *
I agree to complete all surveys to fulfill the reporting requirements of the funding agencies.*
I understand that I must stay onsite at Spirit Point Lodge for the full 3-days of activities of Venture Camp. July *

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Terms and Conditions

Participant's signature acknowledges the understanding that they are applying to an experiential placement that has a series of mandatory activities and that successful completion of the placement is conditional upon the submission of those weekly activities, requested surveys/reports, and participation in the three (3) Key Development Activities. The Participant acknowledges that they will be an employee of the SME and act in a professional manner during the course of the contract.

The amount of $7100.00 was calculated based on an $11.83 per hour rate at 37.5 hours per week excluding Mandatory Employment Related Costs (MERCs). IION will disburse the funds to the SME and the Participant will be receiving a wage from the SME. The $7100.00 amount is the minimum for providing wages to the Participant during a four (4) month period. The SME may choose to compensate the Participant at a higher rate, but acknowledges that IION will not be responsible for any contract changes negotiated between the SME and the Participant, further costs or MERCs resulting from these changes.

The Participant agrees that the IION-YEPP placement shall commence May 1st, 2017 and is to be completed on August 18th, 2017 with the final report received by IION on or before August 18th, 2017. The Participant is required to attend three (3) Key Development Activities: May 1st (Launch Day Workshop), June 16th (Professional Development Day), and July 12th-14th (IION Venture Camp). The Participant is expected to stay onsite for the duration of the camp. As part of the reporting expectations, two (2) site visits will likely be conducted during or close to week 6 (June 5th   - 9th) & week 13 (July 24th   - 28th).

The Participant further acknowledges that IION accepts no responsibility for the SME expectations of performance provided under this agreement. It is the SME's responsibility to ensure that the work is done to the quality and standards it expects, and to coach the Participant to reach those goals. The responsibility of IION is to issue approved wage supplement payment to the SME as previously described and provide its program of entrepreneurial training to the Participant.

The Participant agrees that IION may use photos of them, quotes from them or their testimonials in the context of the IION-YEPP for promotion purposes. IION respects the Participant's property and will only utilize the materials provided and approved by the Participant.

The Participant agrees to comply with all federal, provincial, territorial, municipal and other applicable laws governing the Participant or the Participant's activity, or both, including, but not limited to, statutes, regulations, by-laws, rules, ordinances and decrees. This includes legal requirements and regulations relating to environmental protection.

The Participant agrees to acknowledge, if requested thereof, the federal government's role in the funding provided through this agreement and consent to a public announcement of the eligible activities by or on behalf of the Minister of Industry in the form of a news release. The Minister of Industry will inform the Participant of the date of any public announcement. The Participant consents to the participation of the Minister of Industry, or the Minister's representatives, at such an announcement event, and to have such an event take place on a day mutually agreed upon by the Participant and the Minister of Industry or the Minister's representative. NOTE:  Release of confidential or competitively sensitive information will not be required as this is protected under the Access to Information Act.

I herby certify that the above information is accurate.