True North Thinking Inc.

February 22nd, 2016

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“Our team is a group of former Toyota managers, engineers and specialists. We’re students of continuous improvement, strategy & leadership, utilizing TPS (Toyota Production System) to help businesses and organizations increase the capacity of their people to solve problems and make improvements every day.

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This process of “learning by doing” increases competitiveness (cost reduction), delivery performance (through improved capacity utilization & elimination of quality issues) as well as flexibility (via inventory/lead-time reduction). Our simple approach improves safety, quality, delivery and cost while building people’s abilities.


Not only are we practitioners of TPS, but we work to share our experience and skills with your internal leadership, increasing their capability to lead in a continuous improvement culture. We are a guide on the journey to true north and will support you through the transformation process.


Changing the world. One kaizen at a time.”


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