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Clausehound – legal documents library

Looking for legal documents for your business? IION has recently partnered with Clausehound to provide legal resources to support the success of clients! Clausehound.com is a legal tool geared towards entrepreneurs, early-stage businesses and small medium sized businesses alike to help draft legal documents when they are at stages of development that make it cost-prohibitive […]

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Intro to Importing & Exporting- Free Admission
Bring Your Own Lunch

Presented by: Fran Hanover from Kuehne & Nagel Ltd.
Wednesday April 25, 2018
6th floor, North Bay City Hall

Session includes:
-How to Move your Goods Internationally
-Custom Brokers- What Do They Do?
-Key Requirements for Importing & Exporting
-European Free Trade & What it Means for your Business

Register in advance: [email protected]
705-474-0400 ext. 2443




Richard Procunier, 29, is the owner of Northern Shore Pharmacy in North Bay, Ont. He learned about the field of pharmacogenomics in his program at the University of Toronto and resolved to bring it back to the community where he grew up. The pharmacy is now one of the first in Canada to offer pharmacogenetic testing for clients.

It’s well known that different people can react differently to the same drug, with some patients feeling no effect – and some experiencing unwanted, even fatal, reactions. Now that reading patients’ DNA has become cheap and easy, writes Carolyn Abraham, pressure is mounting to make gene-guided prescriptions a regular part of publicly funded medicine



IION-YEPP applications are open!

Rayner and Mike, a 2017 placement at Rynz Innovative Tooling are featured in the article.

Check it out!

More than just a summer job – http://bit.ly/2HyYuz9

We’re featured in different news sites!

Muskoka: http://bit.ly/2FBvMRB 
Parry Sound: http://bit.ly/2GqZGVP
North Bay: http://bit.ly/2Gtlyju

IION is pleased to share that some of its clients have successfully applied for NOHFC funding.

They are featured in the North Bay Nugget article linked here.

Featured Article

Thornloe Cheese becomes the first in Canada to produce verified Grass Fed cheeses!

News Release from Thornloe Cheese 

In summer 2017, Thornloe Cheese Inc. will be the first in Canada to produce cheeses made with milk sourced from DFO Verified Grass Fed cows. Thornloe Cheese Inc. has worked with local farmers who pasture cows when weather permits and feed a grass based diet for the rest of the year to produce popular cheeses with the health benefits derived from elevated levels of CLA and omega- 3 associated with Grass Fed diets. With the growing popularity of Grass Fed milk and beef products we felt it only natural to work with our local farmers to bring several products to Canadian cheese lovers.

A six hour drive north of Toronto, beyond the Muskoka cottage country lies one of Canada’s most outstanding agricultural areas – New Liskeard/Temiskaming. Farmers in the region have traditionally relied on grass to feed their livestock. “Our artisan cheese makers embrace the unique agricultural features of the region and have developed a line of nutritious Grass Fed cheeses” states Thornloe Cheese General Manager Rhonda Wood. Local verified Grass Fed producer, Steve Runnalls of Thornloe, Ontario, adds “As dairy producers we work to produce the best quality milk every day – Canadian dairy farmers are respected world-wide for having excellent standards and practices. Canadians should know that we work to ensure milk quality and safety, and continually strive to improve animal health and welfare as well as environmental stewardship”.

The initial launch of two Canadian favourites, cheddar and mozzarella, will be available to both retail grocery and food service customers. Thornloe Cheese Inc. is a wholly farmer owned, artisanal cheese company located in Northeastern Ontario. Their innovative cheese making practices have earned them several national awards and a reputation for quality cheese and creamery products for over 75 years. The company extends appreciation to the Dairy Farmers of Ontario and Dairy Famers of Canada for their expertise in developing the Grass Fed program. In 2014, Thornloe Cheese Inc. was awarded the Premier’s Award for Agri-Food Innovation Excellence. Its most popular products include traditional cheddars, poutine curds, fine cheeses and the iconic Blue Cheese named “Devils Rock”.

To learn more visit Thornloe Cheese website! 

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