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3ME Concepts Inc. & TUTSWVET Tissue Mist

November 5th, 2015

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3ME Concepts Inc. is an innovation company based on solutions. Their current project TUTSWVET Tissue Mist changes the bathroom conversation from mere potty talk to an articulated discussion of personal hygiene, the environment, and city water issues. Simply spray TUTSWVET on any kind of toilet paper to experience a clean, smooth feeling, one that fixes all of your tissue issues. No more issues with dry, scratchy paper, and definitely no more need for personal wet wipes.

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Check out the video and listen to Founder Mark Hamelin from Midland, ON share ‘the dry facts’ about our current obsession with soft toilet paper and how TUTSWVET can #wipeoutwipes and let us stop #flushingforests.



Follow TUTSWVET on Facebook and Twitter to share the word and clean up the world one bum at a time.



To find out more about TUTSWVET and how you can get your hands on a bottle, check out www.tutswvet.com


Beyond The Fold

September 22nd, 2015

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Beyond the Fold is a start up Handmade Greeting Card enterprise owned by Toni Callahan.  Each card is crafted from concept to completion by Toni to reflect not only the major occasions that occur during the year such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, valentines days , mother and fathers days  , but also the ability to custom create cards to each persons individual interests .  We currently have 4 locations throughout the North Bay area that carry our cards , those being Orchards Fresh Food Market, The North Bay Regional Hospital Gift Shop , Growing up Green (Main Street) as well as our base location at Genesis @ 204 – the business incubator located at the corner of main and Wyld in downtown North Bay.  Our cards are also available at The Food Land grocery store in Kirkland Lake, ON.

What makes Beyond the Fold unique is that our ability to take the customers idea from concept to creation – we have done custom wedding cards with personalized messages from the parents to the bride and groom – we have personalized birthday cards showcasing the recipients favourite pastime/hobby or activity.  Beyond the fold also works in partnerships with a local artist by the name of Jennifer Gagnon to produce one of a kind watercolour cards.  These cards are unique and will not be duplicated thus they become treasured gifts for the recipient .

At Beyond the Fold it is our goal to ensure that the cards that you purchase effectively reflect the occasion that the purchaser wants to celebrate as well as adding that individual personalization that you cannot achieve at the larger card stores.

For more information please visit the Beyond The Fold website: http://www.beyondthefold.ca


August 7th, 2015

Euphoriclens Logo. pngEuphoriclens is an equal partnership, mobile service, that focuses on design, photography and marketing with specialization in 3D solutions – the leading technology in the photography industry today. We are revolutionizing the way individuals view properties by utilizing a specialized 3D camera allowing participants the ability to interactively navigate through any desired space. Our leading service 3D Solutions, saves people time and money by giving them access to properties from the comfort of their home. Our creative passion effectively assists individuals and companies to maximize their potential when hiring us to take care of their marketing needs by creating unique, effective marketing tools. Euphoriclens has adopted a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, our customers happiness is our upmost concern.

For more information please check out their website: http://www.euphoriclens.com

GinCor Industries

July 2nd, 2015

gincorGin-Cor Industries is the leading manufacturer of vocational and severe service trucks in   Ontario. Gin-Cor’s head office and main production facility is located in Mattawa, Ontario. Gin-Cor has two other installation and service locations in Carleton Place and Kingston, with a fourth location opening up in the Greater Toronto Area summer 2015.

We build customized work trucks that workers want to drive and owners want to own. When it comes to vocational trucks, Gin-Cor Industries is here to put it all together as we gather a tradition of quality workmanship, superior customer service, and today’s leading edge technology.


For more information on our products, services, and employment inquiries visit our website: www.gincor.com










YEPP Companies Supporting Youth Entrepreneurship!

May 8th, 2015

Ten companies have been accepted for IION’s Youth Entrepreneurship Placement Program (YEPP). These ten companies  are receiving funding through the YEPP to hire a youth intern for 16-weeks this summer. These companies are supporting the next generations of entrepreneurs in our region and IION thanks you for that!

Country Basics North




Country Basics North is a depot of propriety green bulk cleaning supplies including laundry, dish soap, softener, all purpose cleaner etc. Their products are for residential, janitorial and industrial services. Their green products are all natural and have a complete disclosure of all raw materials. They have also invented refillable air-O-sol cans- with air as the propellant. You can use these over and over with no adverse effects to the environment. Country Basics is in the process of setting up a retail store as well as a manufacturing facility in North Bay. The intern will be assisting in marketing initiatives, setting up new business accounts as well as assisting in launching their retail store and manufacturing facility.







The Escape Movement is a clothing brand based out of North Bay. They first launched their collection in 2010 and brand awareness grew quickly. In 2013 they began manufacturing their goods in Canada, and have made it their mission to become 100% Canadian made by 2016. They also aspire to one day bring their entire manufacturing process to Northern Ontario. The Escape Movement is in the process of creating a new mobile “pop-up” unit.
Their intern will be working on developing their own manufacturing division and test marketing their new unit.








Highlander Brewing Company is a small northern craft brewery located in the village of South River. Highlander was founded in 2009 and produces high end, ultra-premium ales that enlighten the palate and thrill the senses. Over the last three years Highlander brewery has grown from 1000 litres per month selling in 20 stores to 10,000 litres per month selling in over 200 stores in Ontario. Highlander will be expanding into their new brewery later this year. Also, Highlander will be introducing a new Brewer Technician program which will be offered at the brewery in conjunction with Canadore College.

Their intern will be assisting in their marketing initiatives including their crowdfunding campaign, attending trade shows and coordinating sales with salespeople across the province.



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Lighthouse Manufacturing produces innovative, high value, low cost machined brass and aluminum forgings. They have been forging and machining for over 40 years, they believe in utilizing advanced technology to compete globally. They service various industries including plumbing, fire suppression and automative. Their intern will be assisting in their Human Resources department including training employees, updating procedures and developing a database to track employee records. The intern will also be responsible for developing a new orientation experience for a more enjoyable training experience for new employees.







Northern Edge Algonquin is an award-winning nature retreat at Kawawaymog Lake, 20 km east of South River, ON. “The Edge” has been recognized with various awards for the tourism experience that they provide. The Edge offers nature connection experiences year-round and works very closely with various like-minded businesses and entrepreneurs in their area. Their intern will be interacting with the guides providing engagement activities, creating friendly nature connection experiences as well as planning for the Social Innovation Summit for youth in the fall of 2015.








TECC Agriculture is a crop consulting, field service, and agricultural technology company based in New Liskeard, ON. The company was founded in 2012 and focuses on precision agriculture which is the future in this industry. TECC currently services clients including cash crop farms, real estate agencies, industry producer groups and investment firms. TECC is constantly developing new services which meet the needs of the farmer. Their intern will be doing various product testing and market research. The individual will also be responsible to introduce TECCs technology to the area farmers.



mid north






Mid North Recycling (MNR) is a privately owned and operated facility located in New Liskeard, ON. They are dedicated to converting waste alloy materials (ferrous and nonferrous) into commercially viable products, utilizing environmentally friendly recycling methods. MNR purchases material from a variety of merchants including peddler just dropping off materials to providing bin services to many of the local fabrication shops. Their intern will be assisting in developing a preventive maintenance program and inventory control system as well as working in equipment maintenance with their mechanics.








Gin-Cor was established in 1978 in Mattawa as a regional service repair shop for heavy equipment for the forestry sector, today, they sell, install, service and build large heavy trucks. Today, Gin-Cor is an industry leader in the custom manufacturing of vocational severe-service vehicles. A company built on a tradition of quality workmanship a technical innovation. The organization currently builds approximately 350-400 trucks per year. Their intern will be expanding their customer data base through a CRM, create a new marketing strategy through market research as well as conduct studies on their current customers.



Four Season Greens is a producer of sprouts and micro-greens in Muskoka, operating since December 2010.  They supply most of the restaurants in Muskoka, specialty retail outlets, resorts and caterers with fresh produce year-round. They also do sprouting and nutrition workshops, and sell sprouting kits, seeds, supplies and resources through our on-line store. Their mission is to grow produce locally year-round through innovative and sustainable agricultural practices, and to facilitate the development of similar projects in other communities, thereby enhancing food security and community health. Their intern will be assisting in their marketing and promotions of their new product lines, conducting market research and testing, as well as work on preparing for food safety certifications.



MetricAid, a North Bay, ON technology company, is transforming Emergency Department Physician scheduling. Using internally developed tools and artificial intelligence algorithms; MetricAid provides recommendations and optimized physician schedules based on patient flow and physician performance data. Emergency Departments currently using the MetricAid solution realize improved patient wait times, enhanced physician workalike balance and a positive environment for the practice of better medicine. Their intern will be assisting in developing a CRM system as well as developing a marketing campaign for potential clients.

Highlander Brew Co.

January 26th, 2015

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Highlander Brewing Company is a small northern craft brewery located in the village of South River. We produce high end, ultra-premium ales that enlighten the palate and thrill the senses. Over the last three years Highlander brewery has grown from 1000 litres per month selling in 20 stores to 10,000 litres per month selling in over 200 stores in Ontario.


We offer something for every beer drinker with our variety of beers. Our products include: Highlander Scottish Ale, Lion Grass, Blacksmith Smoked Porter, Centurion (formerly known as Twisted Spruce), and our season beer, Bearded Lady.

Here are some quick facts about the brewery:

  • 1000 Litre (10hl) brew tank
  • Annual capacity of 125,000 litres
  • Kegging and Bottling on-site
  • Bottling line can package 2 pallets a day of 330ml or 500ml bottles
  • Our spent grain goes to feed pigs to produce Highlander Pork


On site at the Highlander Brewery we  have a tasting room for anyone who wishes to try our Highlander beers, or if you already know what you like we have a by-the -glass license which means you can stop in anytime and buy a pint of beer and chat.  Highlander beer is offered in various bars throughout northern Ontario as well as around the GTA and Windsor regions and we are always looking for other licensees who would like to serve our beer. If you own a bar or know someone that does you can contact us anytime to get our beer.


If you have ever had the urge to see how your beer is made you can always stop by. We are thoroughly happy to give people a tour and show them how we turn raw ingredients into something delicious. At the end of the tour you can always walk away with some of our beer. We offer bottles and gift packs on site.


CaseWe have a busy schedule in 2015. We want to be part of what’s happening and are   ready to take part in beer fests, fundraisers, banquets etc. We have already committed to a few events this year but we would love to find some more. In addition to all the events we will be a part of this year we have some other very exciting news. We will be expanding into our new brewery later this year, allowing us to produce more of that beer you love. Also, we will be introducing a new Brewer Technician program which will be offered at the brewery in conjunction with Canadore College.


To help make all this possible we will be running a very special crowd funding campaign. Don’t worry we won’t be asking you for lots of money for just a T-shirt, unless that’s something you would like. We will be doing something very special for this campaign that we are sure you will love. The campaign will be launching in March so continue to check back on our website for more details about this. We need all the help we can get from our valued fans and fellow beer drinkers.


For more information please visit our website: