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TAPPED Canada Inc. ‘It’s nature on tap.

October 3rd, 2016

TAPPED contains 100% maple tree sap. After tapping the tree, filtering and pasteurizing the sap, what remains is a very healthy drink with a hint of maple flavour sweetness. Each handcrafted batch can vary slightly in colour and flavour, depending on Mother Nature. No added water, sugar, flavours, or additives. It’s a carbonated maple water drink that you’ll enjoy by the lake, at the table, or in your fav cocktail.’

For more information please visit the TAPPED website: www.tapped.ca or call 705-482-1119

Ballmer Systems Inc.- Handcrafted log homes built using robots!

July 19th, 2016


Ballmer Syste

High precision handcrafted log homes with natural shapes, built with state of the art CNC machines and robotics.

Thanks to their patented process, Ballmer Systems Inc. is the only company in the world who can produce handcrafted log homes with robots and CNC machines. All other companies are building by hand with chainsaws.

Up until now, log homes have had a very traditional way of being built, the processes and techniques have remained the same through the years.

Handcrafted log homes from Ballmer Systems are not only much cheaper and delivered faster, but the quality of the connection is thanks to the use of high precission laser technics and 7 axis cnc robots unmatched precision and therefore make them highly energy efficient.

Our method eliminates all of the challenges that traditional log home builders face. By using 3D scanners and a 7 axis cnc robots, we have drastically reduced the danger, time, cost, and emissions assosiated with log home building. This process allows for unmatched efficiency, quality, and consitancy while increasing speed in production.

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 1.20.21 PMWe use a peice on peice style assembly. This allows you to fully design your cabin using the standard walls and parts that we have created. Using this modular design allows us to reduce to price of production, dropping the cost of the log homes dramatically.

For further information, please check out their website:




IION-YEPP 2016 Companies!

May 6th, 2016

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True North Thinking Inc.

February 22nd, 2016

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“Our team is a group of former Toyota managers, engineers and specialists. We’re students of continuous improvement, strategy & leadership, utilizing TPS (Toyota Production System) to help businesses and organizations increase the capacity of their people to solve problems and make improvements every day.

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This process of “learning by doing” increases competitiveness (cost reduction), delivery performance (through improved capacity utilization & elimination of quality issues) as well as flexibility (via inventory/lead-time reduction). Our simple approach improves safety, quality, delivery and cost while building people’s abilities.


Not only are we practitioners of TPS, but we work to share our experience and skills with your internal leadership, increasing their capability to lead in a continuous improvement culture. We are a guide on the journey to true north and will support you through the transformation process.


Changing the world. One kaizen at a time.”


For learn more please check out the links below: 

LinkedIn Profile:  https://www.linkedin.com/company/true-north-thinking-inc

YouTube Channel:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLIJxL73tVVIjZei4A6M-ew

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/matteTnT or https://twitter.com/markcTnT or https://twitter.com/bentTnT

Website:  www.truenorththinking.ca

Algonquin Natural Stone

January 14th, 2016


Algonquin Natural Stone provides high quality Muskoka Granite products made exclusively from granite quarried in Muskoka, Canada.

The finest choice in Muskoka granite!

The team at Algonquin Natural Stone Ltd and Elite Black Granite Quarry Ltd strive daily to earn the right to be the exclusive supplier of any and all products made from Muskoka Granite to custom home and cottage owners, their architects, designers, builders and professional masons wherever they are located throughout our market area. Muskoka Granite is unique in the world. The geological name is transported polycyclic gneiss. The stone is separated by thin lines of different coloured mineral veins which give products made from Muskoka granite an appearance that cannot be duplicated.

The Algonquin team has earned our customers’ trust and their business by delivering their orders on time, every time; by committing ourselves and our resources to providing the best quality products available in the industry, by investing in process innovation that will reduce costs and selling prices and in product innovation that will introduce new products made from Muskoka Granite.

Algonquin Natural Stone has products in three different areas: Building stones, Cut stones, and Landscape Stones, all in a variety of unique colours!

For more information please visit their website: http://algonquinnaturalstone.com

RDP Associates Inc.

November 23rd, 2015



Since 1987, RDP has been dedicated to assisting companies fund and manage innovation. We assess our clients’ current and future needs and ensure all government grants and tax credits available are accessed.


Each year, RDP works with over 600 companies of all sizes and in all industries. This has provided RDP with insights on how the best companies successfully manage innovation. RDP has built a database of tools, techniques and best practices to ensure new products are profitably commercialized.


With over 25 years of service across Canada, US, and UK, RDP now offers a unique range of services that result in adding capital and profit to our clients’ businesses.


To find out more about RDP, visit www.rdpassociates.com and follow RDP on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook to keep up with how you can fund innovation for your business.