Ballmer Systems Inc.- Handcrafted log homes built using robots!

July 19th, 2016


Ballmer Syste

High precision handcrafted log homes with natural shapes, built with state of the art CNC machines and robotics.

Thanks to their patented process, Ballmer Systems Inc. is the only company in the world who can produce handcrafted log homes with robots and CNC machines. All other companies are building by hand with chainsaws.

Up until now, log homes have had a very traditional way of being built, the processes and techniques have remained the same through the years.

Handcrafted log homes from Ballmer Systems are not only much cheaper and delivered faster, but the quality of the connection is thanks to the use of high precission laser technics and 7 axis cnc robots unmatched precision and therefore make them highly energy efficient.

Our method eliminates all of the challenges that traditional log home builders face. By using 3D scanners and a 7 axis cnc robots, we have drastically reduced the danger, time, cost, and emissions assosiated with log home building. This process allows for unmatched efficiency, quality, and consitancy while increasing speed in production.

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 1.20.21 PMWe use a peice on peice style assembly. This allows you to fully design your cabin using the standard walls and parts that we have created. Using this modular design allows us to reduce to price of production, dropping the cost of the log homes dramatically.

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